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The Keystone Pokéshop

Pokémon TCG: Keystone Monthly Chasers Mystery Pack

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A Keystone Pokéshop Exclusive!

Wanna chase some heavy hitters without all the bulk from regular packs? Then this is the pack for you! 

Keystone Pokéshop's monthly chasers mystery packs are put together in batches every month and sold exclusively by pre-order (Orders in March are for the batch coming out in April). In each batch will be a series of "chasers", randomly seeded throughout the batch. The chasers will be advertised each month for the batch being sold. See our ad or contact us to learn more about the current chasers.

Each pack will include 3 individual cards (English and/or Japanese), sleeved and in toploaders inside the pack. Cards, by default, will be in either mint or near-mint condition (use TCG player condition guide for referrence). 

These cards may include:

  • Double Rares

  • Ultra Rares

  • Promo Cards

  • Full Art Rares

  • Illustration Rares

  • Trainer Gallery Rares

  • Special Illustration Rares

  • Alt-Art Rares

  • Hyper Rares

  • Secret Rares

  • any other single of similar rarity (such as WOTC holo rares and alike)

Cards in each pack are randomized and will vary. There is no guarantee of the value of the cards inside each pack. "Chasers" are randomly seeded in the batch. Unsold packs from each batch are opened and the cards inside, including any chasers, are redistributed into the next batch. Please contact The Keystone Pokéshop with any questions prior to making a purchase. All sales are final

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